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I get it. Finding the best psychic phone reading can be very challenging. You have probably been through a dozen or more psychics already, and either didn’t receive a psychic reading that was accurate, or you paid dearly for a mediocre one. As a psychic who has been to other psychics, I know the feeling.

Simply, the best psychic and the best psychic phone reading should provide you with clarity and information that will facilitate making the best decisions for yourself. It’s not rocket science and it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Unlike psychic networks, I do NOT charge per minute. I offer accurate and affordable psychic readings where YOU choose the amount of time you wish and that is what you will be charged, period.

All my psychic phone readings incorporate Tarot cards, astrology, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities.


Sophie’s Psychic Reading Process

Psychic Phone Reading / Tarot Readings

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Sophie’s Reading Process for the Best Psychic Phone Reading

Accurate, Affordable Psychic Readings

Call me crazy, but if you are going to see a psychic and you want the best psychic phone reading, why would you give the psychic any information up front? Aren’t psychics supposed to tell you?

I do not require any questions in which to focus upon or any information from you other than your first name and astrological sign. I strongly prefer that you NOT provide me with any other information or background. I work best with little or no interruption during a psychic reading, but feel free to ask questions afterward or in the moment if further clarity is required.

Real psychics read the wisdom of Tarot cards during a psychic phone reading; they don’t read into them. In other words, Tarot cards reveal truth, and this truth will always take precedence during the interpretive process of my psychic phone reading / Tarot reading. My clients appreciate the truth, not a sugar-coated version of it.

This is a very important point and makes a huge difference regarding the ultimate accuracy of your Tarot card reading or psychic phone reading and receiving the best psychic phone reading possible.

Previously, if you have had many inaccurate readings from otherwise well-meaning souls, it is likely they tried to fit the Tarot cards to your question (s) or told you what you wanted to hear, rather than interpret the guidance offered by Tarot cards, which if interpreted truthfully and exactly as they present, are uncannily accurate.

My articles go into more depth regarding all things psychic, Tarot cards, consciousness, and more.

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You want the best psychic phone reading. However, bear in mind, the process of reading Tarot cards varies greatly and depends upon each individual and each experience.

A psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card reading can reflect the “story” of one event or relationship or several different stories, events, or relationships in the same reading. This can appear as though they have no connection whatsoever to each other, when in fact, they do.

When a psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card reading reflects several stories, it’s best to view each story as being part of a jigsaw puzzle:

Imagine you are like this puzzle with thousands of pieces; each piece representing an aspect of the story of your life: past, present, and future. Each puzzle piece is just a fragment, showing only a glimpse of the full picture or story. If all you focus on is a single puzzle piece, or a group of scattered pieces, what you see may be a confusing and nonsensical mess.

The best psychic phone reading or Tarot card reading can pinpoint some areas or people (puzzle pieces) that will have a direct or indirect impact on you and/or your life. And yes, represent the past, present, and future, all in the one reading.

These mini stories are part of the whole puzzle, each revealing an aspect of what you need to know now, regardless these stories or the timing of events are seemingly disconnected. They will come together at some point. Trust me, they will.

That is where the best psychic phone reading comes in—to help you make sense of what appears to be utter chaos. By connecting the dots and placing your puzzle pieces one by one, a clearer view of the whole picture emerges.

The correlation can be the unfolding or connection to people or events, or a similarity in how each individual processes emotional, spiritual or logical responses to each person or event.

Remain as open-minded as possible to the information presented to you. It all has significance during the psychic phone reading.

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The Best Psychic Phone Reading Respects Universal Time

The previously mentioned puzzle analogy also applies to the relativity of time.

Clients have repeatedly said to me that either their entire psychic phone reading made sense in the moment, or parts in the moment with other parts over time. This “over a period of time” has included minutes after their psychic phone reading, within the week, 2-months later, and even up to 6-months or more―and all these events, situations or people were described in the one/same psychic phone reading!

In this sense, it’s as though you and/or those around you place some pieces in one little area of the puzzle, then move on to another area and place a few pieces there. Eventually (as time passes), these separate groupings are brought together, thus, once seemingly disjointed or unrelated; become clearer as a part of the whole.

The best psychic phone reading respects Universal time. Real and accurate psychics cannot impose a time order on psychic information and in the Grand scheme, time is meaningless.

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Real and accurate psychics can capture a lot of information in all areas of your life, but this information is essentially, energy. For instance, even though a psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card spreads can breakdown information into past, present, or potential future events etc.; Tarot cards and the psychic guidance received from them don’t necessarily adhere to our understanding or principles of time.

The best psychic phone reading, done by an accurate and real psychic, can’t manipulate psychic information or impose order upon it; all he/she can do is share the information as it is received and assume that it has bearing on your life now, no matter the time frame referenced.

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Guidance offered by Tarot cards

Get the Best Psychic Phone Reading: Remain Objective and Keep an Open Mind

Reading Tarot cards

Because a psychic phone reading or Tarot card reading might pick-up on events, situations or people around you, bear this in mind if I say ‘you’, because it is possible it will refer to ‘it’ or ‘them’, and not you directly. Regardless, nothing in a psychic phone reading is irrelevant.

Everything has a legitimate place (and time) in your life and each piece of the puzzle comprises your overall life experiences; all purposeful toward clarity, understanding, and personal growth.

Try not to assign what you hear to a particular person, situation or event in the moment. Instead, take in the psychic phone reading information as if you were an objective observer simply recording what you hear. If you lose objectivity, you may assign something to a person or event to which it does not belong, and therefore, not realize or miss that to which it might.

The best psychic phone reading is attained by remaining objective about the psychic information received and trusting its purpose.

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Good, honest, and real psychics do their best to guide you, but don’t forget; they too are being guided in the process. Please have understanding, appreciation, and as much as possible, remain open-minded to the psychic information as it’s presented.

This not only presents the best psychic phone reading, but a far more accurate psychic reading as well−one whereby the greatest degree of clarity and understanding can be achieved.

I do not control what or who comes through or why; I simply do my best to interpret what I see or what I’m feeling. My area of expertise is in Tarot card readings and accessing real life concerns, utilizing astrology, clairaudience, and clairvoyance in the process.

Although I sometimes receive images of people or hear names, I cannot tell if they are alive or have passed. The psychic energy looks, sounds, and feels the same to me. For these reasons, I don’t advise getting a psychic phone reading with me if you are specifically looking to connect with a deceased loved one (through a psychic medium).

I also don’t tell people what they should or should not do. I provide information that I hope will bring clarity and understanding, which will enable one to make their own decisions. I don’t believe in or endorse giving away one’s personal power to someone else, which opposes creating individual empowerment.


During a psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card reading, I will very likely reference my spiritual beliefs or perceptions. But under no circumstance is this meant to diminish or show disrespect for you or your own beliefs, whatever they might be. Nor am I trying to push my beliefs or perceptions upon you.

I simply share them because they are part of who I am and incorporated into my psychic phone readings. I believe Tarot Cards reflect essential spiritual Truths applicable to every human being; regardless of their beliefs, and Tarot cards don’t issue judgments of any kind. Nor do I.

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I also believe the New Age religion / spiritual philosophy seeks to encompass all peoples and faiths by promoting love, acceptance, a non-judgmental attitude, and an open-minded approach to all philosophies, sciences, metaphysics / ontology, esoteric wisdom, PSI / psychic phenomena, Universal Truth, alternative healing methods or medicine (Reiki, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc.), psychology, and astrology, among others, and all of these allow for individual acceptance and choice.

Although you may receive a psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card reading, the psychic advice or guidance given regarding your relationship(s), financial situation, family, work/career, creativity, business, etc., is only one layer of the equation.

The other layers are concerned with those people or situations that impact your life directly or indirectly, your choices thus far and the direction headed as a result, provide clarity or understanding, and enlighten you to other choices or perspectives that you may not have been aware of. All of this is geared toward creating a balance of mind, emotions, and spiritual well-being.

I see myself as an interpreter of Tarot card wisdom or my psychic abilities, not an editor. That is why you will hear exactly what my psychic phone reading and/or Tarot card readings have to say, which on occasion, doesn’t always mesh with what you consciously wanted to hear. The best psychic phone reading is in utilizing this wisdom, not pandering.

As one who has long studied the deeper meaning and purpose of Tarot cards; I can never do them justice in expressing how truly profound they are. All I can say is that I trust them implicitly to guide me in providing the best psychic phone reading to you.

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Psychic Phone Readings / Tarot Card Readings

Psychic Phone Readings: I make phone calls within the U.S.A. and Canada, and via Free Conference Call, to most countries.

Once your appointment is confirmed, I will call you, and I usually call 2-3 minutes early.

I ask that you please be in a quiet place and NOT driving during your psychic phone reading. If you must be in your car, be safely parked before your scheduled time. If not fully parked, I will not begin your reading until you are, and you will use up your valuable psychic phone reading time.

Conference Call Psychic Phone Readings

I no longer use Skype or similar.

For foreign based clients (outside the USA and Canada), I use a Free Conference Call service, which covers most foreign locations (outside of the USA and Canada).

You will receive call-in instructions with your appointment confirmation.

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I do not collect or store your personal and private credit / debit card information.

I use PayPal to process all payments. It is secure, private, easy to use, global, and you DON’T need a PayPal account to use it.

PayPal: Once you have submitted your Make an Appointment form, you will be redirected to PayPal’s secure website. Whether or not you are a PayPal account holder, you can pay via any major debit/credit card, e-check, or use your PayPal account (if you have one).

Please note: Payments made via e-check will delay your appointment date/time until the check has cleared your bank.

Next, you and I will both receive an email receipt from PayPal indicating if your payment was made successfully. If a receipt of payment is not received from PayPal, it is possible that you did not hit all submit buttons as prompted or there was a problem with your chosen payment method, in which case it was likely not successful.

Read more: After You Have Submitted Your Appointment Request

Once I have received the email from PayPal indicating your payment was successful, I will set up your appointment date and time based on the 1st or 2nd date(s) and time(s) you chose when you submitted your appointment request and send you an email with “Appointment Confirmation: Psychic Sophie” as the subject.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from me right away, please don’t worry, as I might be with clients. You will receive it ASAP. Also, once sent, it might go to your spam folder, so be sure to check there.

On rare occasion, I might not be able to do your reading on the first or second time(s) or on the dates(s) you chose. If this happens, I will email you to reschedule. If we can’t reschedule due my inability, I will provide a full refund for your paid reading (*with exception to below). If it is due to yours, I will refund your payment less PayPal fees.

*If I am away or on vacation, it will be posted on my website in advance. During this period, I will NOT be available to reply to appointment requests or do readings. I suggest you either wait to submit an appointment request or expect that you will not receive any responses until I return.

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Recorded Psychic Phone Readings

Currently, FREE recorded readings are available for psychic phone readings and/or Tarot card readings. If you’d like a recorded copy of your psychic phone reading, please check the appropriate box when making your appointment request. Files are saved as MP3 and a link will be emailed to you via Dropbox.

If you’d like to save the recording, please download it within 1 or 2 days after your reading (immediate is best), as the link access and file will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Recorded readings will help you to remember exact details, especially concerning those people or situations of which you do not currently possess conscious knowledge. Please understand; I am not responsible for any glitches or non-recordings that may occur. Keeping precise notes as a backup is also well advised.

Please read terms/conditions/disclaimer/privacy policy for more information regarding all recorded readings.

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My many years of interest, study, application and/or teaching of metaphysical subjects, spirituality, and modalities includes: development of psychic abilities, New Age religion, Hermetic philosophy, quantum physics, numerology, Tarot cards, Kabala / Kabbalah, clairvoyance, astrology, palmistry, metaphysics in general, psychometry, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, Reiki, natural healing, telepathy, crystals, clairaudience, spiritual healing energy and prayer, meditation, runes, chakras, clairsentience, auras, and dream interpretation.


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