Find an Accurate Psychic Reading


If you are reading this, chances are you still can’t find an accurate psychic reading, let alone an accurate phone psychic.

And dollars to doughnuts, you are tired and frustrated with the search and monetary outlay thus far. Once and for all, how do you find an accurate psychic reading?

Without a doubt, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of phone psychics online, and likely in your town or city as well. Just one psychic network probably has hundreds of phone psychics on staff. How do you sort through the mélange?

They all claim you can find an accurate psychic reading with them, but we know this isn’t true.

Psychic Networks


These networks will claim you can find an accurate psychic reading with them, and they have the best, most accurate phone psychics. They will also tell you that each one has been tested and approved.

If any of this was the case, why are you still looking for an accurate psychic reading?

Aside from that, your motivation is to find an accurate psychic reading without having to take a 2nd mortgage on your house. Have you seen what psychic networks charge per minute?

Psychic networks primarily look for people, not necessarily psychics, who have the gift of gab. The more one of their psychic phone readers can keep talking and you on the phone, at $3.95 to as much as $13.00 per minute, the more money they all take from you. A 15-minute phone psychic reading could cost as much as $195.00! Did you find an accurate psychic reading, or your wallet rapidly diminished of all its funds?

Why did they suddenly start publicizing they test and approve their psychics, so you can find an accurate psychic reading? Could it be due to customer complaints to the contrary?

Have you seen “newspaper-type” articles online, each touting where to find an accurate psychic reading? Some of these news sources are legitimate online newspapers, some are not, but made to appear as though they were.

These “newspapers” offer the “10 Best Psychic Readings Online,” or similar, giving the impression the announcement was written by a real reporter working for that news source. You assume this is someone who did the research and wrote a valid news piece about how to find an accurate psychic reading. Not so. It’s a marketing ploy.

If you are paying attention, you will note they are paid advertisements, not endorsements, not researched, and not remotely informative, because they were written by the very psychic network(s) or their marketing affiliates to push their sites!

Why would psychic networks resort to this type of misleading advertisement? If they legitimately want you to know where to find an accurate psychic reading, or an accurate psychic phone reading, why not be straightforward? Why employ ambiguous impressions in an attempt to fool you?

To add insult to your injury, these paid “newspaper” advertisements or “Top-10” so-called information sites appear at the top of your search engine inquiry, when you asked to find an accurate psychic reading. And there are several of them at the top pages. How likely are you to scroll down and look beyond their marketing ploys? Not likely, with their ginormous hook wrapped around your neck.

Even more injury, these networks go to genuine and ethical psychic sites and “borrow” information from them. What to look for, what to avoid, if psychic abilities are real, descriptions of psychic abilities, etc. Why would a so-called legitimate site need to “borrow” from real psychic sites? To sound more convincing? Because they have no clue otherwise?

Illegitimate psychics or networks do market research. They know how to hit your sweet spot. They know how to reel you in. They look at real psychic sites to craft their own.

They use “psychic information” sites that, if you are paying attention, point you toward a specific psychic network. They use other “psychic information” sites as well, who don’t play network favorites. Note that every one of them is pointing toward a network site, and they will all claim the same: Find an accurate psychic reading, done by approved psychics. These “psychic information” sites get paid every time you click through, so if there is a buck to be made, why should they care if it’s a ploy?

If you rely heavily on search engine inquires, and most of us do, see marketing ploys for what they are. These manipulative ploys are usually found at or near the top of the first page. If you don’t notice, this is probably the #1 reason why you still can’t find an accurate psychic reading.

See through the marketing ploys used to manipulate the public, get incensed, and refuse to buy or use that service. It’s the only way to stop them.

The best way to find an accurate psychic reading or Tarot card reading is first, break down the components of what it requires to find an accurate psychic reading, which includes of course, the phone psychic providing the reading.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!


To find an accurate psychic reading, the very best line of defense against more marketing hype, frustration, and financial outlay: Ask family or friends for referrals.

It would seem obvious, but real word-of-mouth referrals do not have an agenda, and they are not full of hype or BS. Friends and family care about you and aren’t going to sell you on anything, including how you would find an accurate psychic reading.

A lot of my newer clients are the result of word-of-mouth referrals, so don’t be afraid to ask family or friends. This is a great way to find an accurate psychic reading and a real phone psychic.

Additionally, personal referrals are one of the best defenses against falling prey to fake network psychics, psychic scams, or so-called psychics (and networks) who are far more interested in the money they can take from you, rather than genuinely help you.

Find an Accurate Psychic Reading—Read Psychic Testimonials.


Psychic testimonials are a good source to find an accurate psychic reading, but they too have pitfalls.

To find an accurate psychic reading, another option is to carefully read psychic testimonials. This will give you a good idea about the phone psychic and their ability to be accurate.

Psychic accuracy is great, but if they can also help bring clarity and understanding or point you toward better choices, in my opinion, that type of phone psychic would be the superior choice.

As a society, we are driven by testimonials, and companies are insistent we provide them. We also tend to believe real people gave them. Just as psychic networks utilize misleading advertising tactics to get your business, so too can be the case with their phone psychics, or private psychics with less than honorable intent.

Anyone can write and post a testimonial. That doesn’t make it a real psychic testimonial, written by a real person who received the service, rather, it could be done with nefarious objective to further mislead you.

How can you discern the difference?

As strange as it sounds, listen to the “voice” of a testimonial. Do a lot of the testimonials given sound or read the same, as if done by the same people over and over again? Most consumers have a particular way of expressing themselves, and it is discernible. If they don’t all sound the same or very similar, you likely have real people giving a real psychic testimonial—but not always.

Watch for psychic network or private psychic sites that have no negative testimonials. This is the case with most large psychic networks staffed with innumerable phone psychics and several individual phone psychic sites too. How is that even possible?

Of course, no one wants you to read something negative about them! However, in my opinion, this is really no different to false advertising. People have various experiences, both good and bad. If the bad is hidden from you, ask yourself why?

To find an accurate psychic reading, my guess is that you would appreciate honesty and integrity, so you can decide for yourself just how accurate your reading or phone psychic might be.

In fairness, an ethical and genuine psychic might remove a really nasty, troll-like testimonial from their site and for good reason. The testimonial left is purposefully geared toward a personal attack of the psychic, and not to describe the true experience they had, or an accurate description of the psychic reading itself.

Keep in mind that opinions are just opinions. An experience is just an experience. Objectivity is always key to find an accurate psychic reading. The only way to get a full picture of your phone psychic is to see the full picture; the good and the bad. I tend to be more trusting of people and situations where everything is in the open. That is authenticity.

To Find an Accurate Psychic Reading, Read About Your Chosen Phone Psychic.


Look at their personal page. It can be very telling, especially if you want to find an accurate psychic reading.

How do their psychic abilities find expression? How long have they known they had psychic abilities? Since discovery, do they genuinely want to help and/or serve others? Are they believable? Many real psychics have had a rough, outsider life. They were odd or different to others. They may have spent a lot of time alone, listening to music, or have an affinity with animals.

Is the bulk of what they’re saying to convince you of something or to use their services? Ever hear “the lady doth protest too much, me thinks?” Do they make outrageous promises, such as I can keep your relationship together? No psychic, real or otherwise, has that power. Are they overly sugary?

Do they come across as genuine and down-to-earth, or a little materialistic? It may be a cliché, but I have found that real phone psychics truly don’t care about the money. They want to help and serve others. Of course, they need an income, but it is secondary (or further down) to the work itself.

Some psychic networks won’t show you the “about” psychic page unless you sign in first. That’s a red flag to me. If they get your personal information and/or email address now, and you don’t use their services that day, they will hound you later through marketing emails, or sell your information to others.

Don’t Try to Find an Accurate Psychic Reading or Phone Psychic While in Distress.


Of course, you always want to find an accurate psychic reading under all circumstances. But looking while distressed, sad, anxious, or any similar emotion is not a good idea.

When we are not emotionally balanced, or in a distressed state, we tend to react without thinking. We want immediate gratification, we want the pain to go away, we want to stop thinking about someone, or we want to know if they’ll come back. Understandable. However, in these states of mind, we are more vulnerable to shysters.

Who wouldn’t want to grab at promises? Who wouldn’t want assurances that what we want, is magically there for the taking? Who really wants to hear the truth, especially if it doesn’t quite align with what you want?

Real psychics will tell you what they see, feel, or hear. The good and the not so good. If not so good, the truth is where growth and healing can begin. If a phone psychic tells you they connect to source, God, the universe, spirit guides and the like, then rest assured, if they edit what they receive in order to tell you what you want to hear, to please you or keep you coming back, they aren’t genuine.

The psychic shysters are all too willing to take your money and tell you exactly what you want to hear. Sure, you might feel better for a short amount of time. But without an arsenal of sound and truthful advice and a real accurate psychic reading to fall back on, you will find yourself back to square one, looking to find an accurate psychic reading again—only with a lot less money in your pocket.

Get a Recording of Your Psychic Reading.


What better way to find an accurate psychic reading, then to have something to compare it against?

When we get a psychic reading, often we aren’t paying full attention. Maybe we are nervous, anxious, or caught up in the conversation. Maybe we are forgetful. If you can get a recording, you’ll be able to verify the details presented (if any). Every state has different laws regarding recordings. Make sure each party accepts knowledge of the recording first.

  • Note if your psychic asked to many leading questions. This can give them a script to work from while doing your phone psychic reading. They will basically tell you what you’ve already told them, or tell you what you wanted to hear, based on the information you provided via their questions.
  • How accurate was your phone psychic or did they turn out to be? With a recording, you’ll have proof.
  • Did the phone psychic give you solid, helpful advice and direction, or did you feel like they just soothed you with meaningless words?
  • Note if most of the psychic reading was way too general: Oh, hon, it looks like you have been hurt. Everyone has been hurt!


Armed with knowledge and awareness going in, you can find an accurate psychic reading and honest, caring, real phone psychics who provide them.


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