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Doing Tarot card readings is my passion! I admit it; I possess the kind of personality that has an insatiable need to know and understand things. No surprise that I was inextricably drawn to Tarot cards. Few things are more mysterious or misunderstood. I was hooked!

Desiring a thorough understanding as a whole entity — the symbolism, spirituality, meaning, and psychology, I also wanted to know how, what, where, when, who and why. And, more than anything, I wanted to understand the mystery of Tarot cards.

What is the purpose of Tarot cards?
• Why all the symbolism and what does it mean?
• What are the spiritual messages meant to help me attain a better understanding of my life?
• How do psychological aspects come into play and how do I recognize this?
• Why are Tarot cards heralded or revered by some and feared or condemned by others?

What was all the fuss about a deck of Tarot cards?

You can’t hold a Tarot card deck in your hand for too long before you realize that it has a hold on you too. Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, allegorically and aptly describes the curiosity of Tarot cards and Tarot card readings.

A Tarot card reading is likened to going down a rabbit hole into an awakening of consciousness, where life takes on a surreal quality. What we thought we knew with absolute certainty; we may find was never true or we find newer truths—or that no absolute truth exists. The Cheshire cat, with his enigmatic grin, is the guide who tells you that any path chosen is dependent on where you want to go — there is no right or wrong way.

That was the beginning of my journey into Tarot cards. I’ve done affordable Tarot card readings since 1993, and thousands of accurate Tarot card readings and the best psychic phone readings I can provide years later, my fascination has not diminished.



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What do my clients think?


Client professions have ranged: musicians, famous actors and actresses, work-at-home, FBI agents, retail workers, Navy SEALS, MD’s, teachers, police, psychologists, lawyers, yoga instructors, writers, business owners, artists, executives, and more.

What’s my point here? It matters not what you do. We are all human beings, and at times, all challenged, confused, scared, or pained by our life experiences. We all need some help or clarity at points along the way, and a Tarot card reading is a perfect way in which to achieve this. Reading my testimonials will provide you with good references regarding the quality of my work.

Client personalities and their issues have ranged as well. I do not name names, yours or anyone else’s, as I value and protect the privacy of all my clients―I am a Scorpio, after all!

At first meeting, people have told me they feel an immediate sense of comfort, like I was an old lost friend. It has been like that since my youth. People tended to gravitate toward me and share their deepest secrets or concerns, as if they had known me forever. I was the go-to person for a listening ear and advice. I guess the reason is because they all felt safe with me: I didn’t judge them, I was empathetic, I was trustworthy, and I treat others as I wish to be treated.

Not one to beat around the bush; I am very direct, sometimes unnervingly so, and a real straight shooter (no sugar-coating here). If you do not want the truth as I see, hear or feel it, I kindly suggest you find another psychic for your Tarot card readings.

For me, truth is like the golden elixir, and I suspect we all wish more of it was told. This creates trust, comfort, and the freedom to be, without hidden agendas, fear, or games.


Tarot Card Readings and Development of Psychic Abilities

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No doubt, I am a rebel with many causes and a crusader to invoke change; however, don’t confuse this with a desire to change anyone. Indeed, I am very strong-willed, yet equally strong is my ability to remain open-minded and objective. I see, accept, and love people exactly as they are, and my Tarot card readings reflect this.

Raised in an atmosphere of psychics, psychologists, eccentric visionaries, and spiritualists, when combined, was the foundation for who I became and what I would do with this amalgamation of childhood experience. Specifically, doing Tarot card readings.

Since the age of seven, my strongest psychic ability was clairaudience (hearing). My first introduction to Tarot cards was around this same age. I was fascinated and a little scared by some of the images. Later, I was introduced again. This time, I developed an intense interest to learn all about them, which led to doing Tarot card readings professionally. These two twists of fate literally turned my world upside down in the best possible way!

I had truly found my life path, purpose, and how I could be of service to others.

Doing Tarot card readings must have awakened dormant clairvoyant and medium abilities, as I experienced development (or release from dormancy) quite dramatically. Now, my clairaudient abilities have combined with astrology, clairvoyance, psychometry and other forms of ESP / PSI, all of which come into play when I provide spiritual counseling via my Tarot card readings.

I understand the deeper, more profound meanings of Tarot cards and their symbolism. In conjunction, I use psychic abilities and astrology while interpreting a Tarot card reading, all of which permits me a glimpse into your life and soul. In turn, I am given the chance to facilitate a transformation from uneasiness and confusion to peace and understanding. Many of my clients have spoken of this, doing me the kindness of leaving a testimonial.

My FAQ’s provide answers about appointments, payments accepted, and other general questions you may have.

I endeavor to be an eternal student to all that life has to offer, and in the process, share whatever understanding I have managed to achieve. In these moments of a true, soul-to-soul spiritual connection with another, my sense of purpose and a life lived with meaning is fulfilled.

My family, extended family, friends, and animals bring love and joy to my life. I am happiest with family and friends, doing my spiritual work via Tarot card readings, being creative, laughing as much as possible, and listening to all kinds of music. Reading interests include, philosophy, psychology, quantum mechanics, the minds (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious), parapsychology, and many others.


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I am sincere, ethical, authentic, and a legitimate psychic who will do the best, most accurate Tarot card readings possible.

I seek to empower my clients by providing clarity, direction, and an awakening to self-awareness by exploring consciousness and conscious choices, which in turn, facilitates spiritual/mental growth, healing, and a balance of mind, body, spirit and soul. One does not exist without the other. An understanding of the day-to-day aspects of life through a Tarot card reading leads to illumination and profound understanding of the spiritual self and spiritual life.

Very spiritual in nature, I believe in God (or the God Mind); which I often refer to as The Universe. All are One and The One is All; therefore, there is no separation.

Having studied several religions and attended their services, I have adopted aspects of each within myself. However, I do not follow a particular religion or practice and “organized” any things are not for me. They tend to infer and often insist on exclusivity, separateness, or righteousness of the one religion, rather than full acceptance and inclusivity of the All.

I accept within me and without, all peoples, lifestyles, beliefs, religions, practices and choice. Thus, in good faith and conscience, I cannot denounce any of these, and if anything, I must hold sacred all of these. I feel guided by the profound teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other prophets, as well as the ancient teachings of mystics and philosophers.

During my Tarot card readings, I will likely reference my spiritual/religious beliefs or perceptions, but under no circumstance is this meant to diminish or show disrespect for you or your own beliefs, whatever they might be. Nor am I trying to push my beliefs or perceptions upon you.

I simply share my beliefs/perceptions because they are part of who I am and my Tarot card reading interpretations. I believe Tarot card readings reflect essential spiritual truths applicable to every human being; regardless of their beliefs, and Tarot cards don’t issue or reflect judgments of any kind. Nor do I.

I believe the New Age religion / spiritual philosophy seeks to encompass all peoples and faiths by promoting love, acceptance, a non-judgmental attitude, and an open-minded approach. Including, all philosophies, sciences, metaphysics / ontology, esoteric wisdom, PSI / psychic phenomena, Universal Truth, astronomy, alternative healing methods or medicine (Reiki, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc.), psychology, astrology, environmentalism, among others and all of these allow for individual acceptance and choice.

All my psychic Tarot card readings and spiritual counseling incorporate astrology, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities.

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