Numerology and Numbers, it All Adds Up.


What is numerology? Pythagoras, a great mathematician, and philosopher believed that our reality of the Universe; effectively all matter (energy) was mathematical in nature.

Numerologists believe that certain energies are resonated according to a numerical value. As such, numbers carry a great deal of meaning. Compositions of chemicals, days in the week, month, or year and even our names have numerical or mathematical values. Numbers mean a lot and say a lot.

When a numerologist does a numerology reading, they use the chart below to ascertain the numerical value of your full name at birth (the exact name on your birth certificate) and the numbers contained in your date of birth MM/DD/YYYY.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

These numbers then provide the numerologist with information to create a numerology chart for you, which will include your life path, soul urge (or heart’s desire), destiny (or expression), personality and more.

Numerology: Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere


Paying attention to numbers; especially those of synchronistic or repetitive nature seen in your environment or in a dream can provide illumination or clues to understanding aspects of self, situations or others.

Listed below are some meanings associated to zero through nine as single digits. If the sum of a number contains two digits, such as eighteen (18), add these two digits together to obtain a single digit (1+8=9). However, also bear in mind the energies associated to each of these numbers as a separate unit. As such, look at the meanings associated to the number “1” as well as “8.”

The Universal Law of Duality (or Polarity) applies. Therefore, the listings below include moderate and/or extreme expressions of the same energies, as well as contradictory. For instance, focusing on self-development is a duality of being self-centered and being aggressive is not inherently a “good” or “bad” trait. It can be interpreted as someone who is assertive or belligerent and acts with hostility.

Some numbers are similar in nature, such as 6 and 9. Where they differ is in expression. For instance, both numbers are service oriented and humanitarian; however, 6 energy is focused toward family or direct community, whereas 9 energy is expanded toward global concerns.

Although I don’t do numerology charts, I utilize numerology during my psychic readings, as numbers play a significant role in Tarot cards as well.


The number for God, All That Is or The Divine: It is All and Nothing, the Alpha (Beginning) and the Omega (Ending). It is eternal and limitless. It is wholeness.


New beginnings and cycles, application of will, unity/unification, alone, the self, potential, originality, inventive, courageous, straightforward, leadership, independence, individuality, initiative or initiation, self-development, pioneering, ego, self-centeredness, willful, overly aggressive, impulsive, boastful, uncaring, selfishness or bullying.


Partnerships (personal or business), the other, caring, cooperation, balance, adaptable, harmony, sharing, giving, duality, balance, choice, empathy, receptivity, diplomatic, mediator, opposites, sympathy, development, consideration, tactless, indecisive, meddlesome, shy, fearful, self-conscious, prone to depression, over-sensitivity, or co-dependence.


Creativity: including all forms of self-expression, whether through art, talents, imagination, entertainment, literature, or giving birth to offspring, the Trinity, communications, speech, media, recreation, celebration, optimism, expectation, expansion, sociability, fun-loving, lives fully, friendliness, writing, trust, superficiality, self-centered, excessive talking, scattered, exaggeration, moody or wastefulness.


Four Worlds: seasons, elements or directions, foundation, effort, security, manifestation, accomplishment, strength, conservative, organization, work, slow but sure, management skills, science minded, details, order, labor, position, stability, practicality, reliability, trustworthiness, application, routine, loyalty, punctual, self-discipline, obedience, hard-working, desire for change, down-to-earth, rigidity, unfeeling, mechanical, unimaginative, overly cautious, narrow-minded , unfocused, caught in minutia, argumentative, overly opinionated, stubborn, overly serious or repression.


Humanity, the human body, change, visionary, curious, quick minded, promotes, resourceful, alteration, variety, adjustment, sensuality, sex, the five senses, versatility, action, travel, risk, freedom loving, adventure, challenge, competition, upheaval, unpredictability, self-indulgence, hedonism, alcohol, drugs, inconsistency, instability, dissatisfied, restless, impatient, non-committal, too hasty, discontented, all talk and no action or abuse of the five senses.


Service to others, guidance, nurturing, sympathetic, family, parents, healing, counsel, duty, love, responsibility, bliss, understanding, artistic, obligations, peace, seeking perfection, compassion, devotion, harmony, humanitarian, rest, self-acceptance, meddling, domineering, over-protective, self-righteous, obstinate, nit-picks, easily flattered or jealousy.


Spirituality, contemplation, faith, serenity, assessment, meditation, charming, confidence, beliefs, soul evolution, inner peace, guidance, mental analysis, teaching, studiousness, esotericism, truth, quest for knowledge, wisdom, spiritual awareness, mystery, solitude, perfection, fault-finding, inflexible, selective, personal agendas, isolated, suspicious, sarcastic, reserved, withholding, prone to escapism or suppression.


The Christ, resurrection, renewal, repetition, cycles, dawn of a new day, progression, achievement, advancement, wealth, material success, worldly power, control, accomplishment, recognition, fame, authority, sound judgment, executive ability, political, entrepreneurs, finances, management, decisive, fortune, materialistic disposition, overly ambitious, dominating, money mismanagement, controlling, workaholic, tightly wound or stressed, impatient, unscrupulous or personal gain over humanitarian deed.


Endings soon to occur, in preparation for a new beginning, universal love, change, charity, the good of all, humanitarianism, society, organizations, selflessness, wisdom, influential, reform, tolerance, artistic genius, catharsis, forgiveness, compassion, friendly, romance, spiritual enlightenment, egalitarian, perfection, completion, emotionalism, moody, conflicted, possessive, confined, fanaticism, careless, self-adulation or attention seeking or dissipation.

Numerology: Master Numbers


These numbers are not usually reduced to a single digit; however, if their potential is not realized or abused, they can take on attributes of their reduced value or opposition.

With great potential, also comes great responsibility. If one or more of these numbers appear in one’s numerological report, it doesn’t necessarily mean a charmed life. These numbers can indicate tremendous life challenges and a need for greater maturity or wisdom.

If these numbers are present in a numerology report, there is also the temptation to see one self as being “special.” The mere thought of this goes against the truest meaning of these numbers; therefore, one would be acting more as its reduced value, if they believed as much.

Master Number Eleven:

Denotes a higher level of intuition (or ability to connect to psychic energy), spiritual messengers, revelation, Inner Purpose, spirit/spirituality, spiritual awareness, the soul and/or evolution, wisdom, influential, idealism, invention, inspirational, a spiritual level of giving, sharing, caring, and selflessness, insensitivity, or fanaticism.

Master Number Twenty-two:

Known as the “Master Builder.” This number is the most powerful, which is service oriented in nature. The Master plan, big ideas, practical service to humankind, incredible leadership, realization of goals, unlimited potential, material mastery, extreme success, practical idealism, mental power and viciousness, inflexibility, stubbornness, or greed.

Master Number Thirty-three:

Known as the “Master Teacher.” This number is the most influential, which is humanitarian in nature and includes the spiritual up lifting of all humankind, the most selfless in service to humankind and the sincerest devotion to all of humankind. This number is indicative of all spiritual Masters such as Christ, Buddha, and Mohammad.