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What people say about Sophie:
"Sophie is like Coca-Cola - she's the real thing."
"Astoundingly accurate."
"I am blessed to have found her!"
"Sophie's guiding hand has helped comfort and soothe me."
"I will definitely call you in the future for more readings. Amazing!"
"I can't think of anyone who I would trust more."
"Her insight and advice are invaluable!"
"Her readings have touched my soul."
"One of the most enlightening readings I've had"
"She is very compassionate & truthful...I always feel better after speaking with her!"
"I am blown away! Amazing how accurate my reading was!"
"Her readings come from her heart."
What people say about Sophie:
"The most exact psychic that I've ever talked to."
"I have referred Sophie to my family and friends."
"I was shocked at how dead on she was!"
"Sophie has a gentle, kind spirit."
"Genuine guidance."
"I feel a sense of inner peace and clarity in areas where I had confusion."
"Very honest. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends!"
"First reading with Sophie, and she was right about everything! I feel better."
"Sincere advice."
"So very lucky you are in my life. Thanks for sharing your gift."
"Sophie is very down to earth."
"Sophie, you helped me so much by providing clarity. Thank you!"
"The most accurate psychic reading I have ever had."
"Sophie is the best teacher I've found!"

About Sophie

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"
Mother Teresa

As a psychic spiritual counselor, Tarot card reader and teacher for over 20 years, I am deeply rooted in my belief of helping others to help themselves by providing genuine, honest, and insightful soul-to-soul psychic Tarot readings. Clients value my ethical standards, spirituality, truth, integrity, and directness.

At first meeting, people have told me that I am like an old lost friend of theirs: down-to-earth, warm, sincere, or they feel an immediate sense of comfort around me. I’m guessing the reason is due to my treating others as I wish to be treated.

Open-minded and objective, I will honor you and your feelings. Not one to beat around the bush, I am very direct and a real straight shooter. Equally, please feel free and comfortable to speak your truth with me as well.

For me, truth is like the golden elixir, and I suspect that we all wish more of it were told. This creates trust, comfort, and the freedom to be, without hidden agendas, fear, or games. If you do not want the truth as I see, hear, or feel it, I kindly suggest you find another Tarot reader / psychic.

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Raised in an atmosphere of psychics, psychologists, eccentric visionaries, and spiritualists, when combined, was the foundation for who I became and what I would do with this particular amalgamation of childhood experience.

From childhood to adulthood, I had an innate ability to understand people on a deeper and spiritual level, which in part, could find its basis in my intuition or psychic abilities, as I could literally “see” “hear” and “feel” people beyond our usual five senses, all the while processing these intuitive impressions against what my logical mind perceived and processed.

I was that kid that other kids came to for advice, as a teen, other teens, and strangely, some adults would share their deepest and sometimes darkest, thoughts and feelings with me too. I believe part of this trust and confidence received by me was due to their feeling accepted with little or no judgment, and they always knew I was going to be very honest and direct.

Since the age of seven, my strongest psychic ability has been in the realm of clairaudience and energy healing. Later, I developed an intense interest in learning to read Tarot cards, which literally turned my life upside down in the best possible way―I had truly found my life path, purpose, and how I could be of service to others.

Reading Tarot cards must have awakened dormant clairvoyant and medium abilities, as I experienced development of these psychic abilities quite dramatically as a result. Now, my clairaudient and healing abilities have combined with clairvoyance, psychometry, and other forms of ESP / PSI, all of which come into play when I provide spiritual counseling, psychic divinations, psychic readings, and read Tarot cards.

I understand the deeper, more profound meanings of Tarot cards and their symbolism, and my use of psychic energy whilst interpreting / reading Tarot cards during a psychic or clairvoyant reading, permits me a glimpse into your soul, and the chance to facilitate a transformation of energy to a mind at peace. Additionally, I have the ability to clearly translate what I see, hear, or feel to others, which is similarly understood, and this tells me a cord was hit and an a-ha moment was achieved.

I endeavor to be an eternal student to all that life has to offer, and in the process, share whatever understanding I have managed to achieve, and equally, have others share their lives and understanding with me too. In these moments of a true, soul-to-soul spiritual connection with another, my sense of purpose and a life lived with meaning is fulfilled.

Artist Elena Ray. Head with alchemical symbols coming through from a star. www.psychicsophie.com

I am very spiritual in nature, believing in God; whom I often refer to as The Universe, and that All is God and All comes from God - All are One and The One is All, therefore there is no separation. For this reason, I do not follow particular religions or practices as they infer exclusivity, rather than inclusivity. Similarly, "organized" any things are not for me. I go with my own inner flow in that I believe in our connection to All without separation, thus I accept within and without me; all peoples, life-styles, beliefs, religions, practices and choice. Thus in good faith and conscience, I cannot denounce any of these, and if anything, I must hold sacred all of these. I also believe in the profound teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other Prophets, as well as the ancient teachings of mystics and philosophers.

I believe the New Age religion / spiritual philosophy seeks to encompass all peoples and faiths by promoting love, acceptance, a non-judgmental attitude, and an open-minded approach to all philosophies, sciences, metaphysics / ontology, esoteric wisdom, PSI / psychic phenomena, Universal Truth, astronomy, alternative healing methods or medicine (Reiki, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc), psychology, astrology, environmentalism, among others, and all of these allow for individual acceptance and choice.

No doubt, I am a rebel with many causes and a crusader to invoke change; however, don't confuse this with a desire to change anyone. Indeed, I am very strong willed; yet equally strong is my ability to remain open-minded and objective. I see, accept, and love people as they are. All I hope is that you know who you truly are, rather than who you have learned to become.

I'm from Los Angeles, CA and now reside in Richmond, VA. My son, family, friends, and animals bring love and joy to my life and my spirit-soul is happiest doing my spiritual work, being creative, and listening to all kinds of music. I also study many and varied subjects, and write. A lot. Some of which is evidenced throughout my website, such as FAQ’s and on my blog, Psychic Sophie. I have also authored several books on the Tarot and a relationship self-help guide. One of these days, I’ll get around to publishing them! ;)

Clients have ranged from famous celebrities, musicians, actors / actresses, FBI agents and folks from every walk of life, to Navy SEALS, police, doctors-MD’s and psychologists, lawyers, business owners, and executives. I do not name names, yours or anyone else’s, as I value and protect the privacy of all my clients―I am a Scorpio, after all!

Sophie’s Reading Process

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All of my psychic readings incorporate Tarot cards, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities.

I do a big Tarot card spread and utilize many Tarot cards. This is because I read Tarot card combinations and associations, which, along with my psychic abilities, is the reason why my Tarot card readings are accurate, specific, and/or detailed.

The process of reading Tarot cards varies greatly and depends upon each individual and each experience. A Tarot reading can reflect an entire story of one event or one relationship, or I can receive several and separate vignettes of a story, which can appear as though they have no relationship whatsoever to each other, but in fact, they do.

Similar to a puzzle and puzzle pieces, each piece viewed separately may not seem like it fits, but as you progress through each experience (place each piece), the connection emerges and the bigger picture comes into view. The correlation can be the unfolding or connection to people or events, or a similarity in how each individual processes emotional, spiritual, or logical responses to each person or event.

This same puzzle analogy applies to the relativity of time. Clients have repeatedly said to me that either their entire reading made sense in the moment of their reading, or parts in the moment and some other parts unfolded over time. Such as, minutes after their reading, some within the week, some 2-months later, and some up to 6-months or more―and all of these separate events / situations or people were revealed in the one / same reading!

In this sense, it’s as though you and / or those around you place some pieces in one little area of the puzzle, then move on to another area and place a few pieces there. Eventually (as time passes), these separate little groupings are brought together, thus, once seemingly disjointed or unconnected, become clearer as a part of the whole, and a bigger picture emerges.

Often, readings may pick-up on events, situations, or people around you too. Bear this in mind if I say ‘you’, because it is possible it may refer to ‘it’ or ‘them’, and not you directly. Regardless, the same puzzle analogy applies, because “we” and everything else around us are connected and a part of the biggest puzzle of All! ;)

Try not to assign what you hear to a particular person, situation, or event in the moment. Instead, take in the information as if you were an objective observer simply recording what you hear. If you lose objectivity, you may assign something to a person or event to which it does not belong, and therefore, not realize or miss that to which it might.

It is always best to keep an open mind to the information as presented. Good, honest, and real psychics do their best to guide you, but don’t forget; they too are being Guided in the process. Please have understanding, appreciation, and as much as possible, remain open-minded to the information as it’s presented. This not only presents a far more accurate reading, but one whereby the greatest degree of clarity and understanding can be achieved. My belief is that everything happens for a reason. If you receive more information in one area and less in another, it all has a Divine purpose.

I don’t tell people what they should or should not do. I provide information that I hope will bring clarity and understanding, which will enable one to make their own decisions. I don’t believe in or endorse giving away one’s own power to someone else, which opposes creating individual empowerment.

During a Tarot psychic reading, I will reference my spiritual /religious beliefs or perceptions, but under no circumstance is this meant to diminish or show disrespect for you or your own beliefs, whatever they might be, nor am I trying to push my beliefs or perceptions upon you. I simply share them because they are part of who I am. I believe the Tarot reflects essential spiritual Truths applicable to every human being; regardless of their beliefs, and the Tarot doesn’t issue judgments of any kind.

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Spirituality, writing, jewelry making, music, reading (Manly P. Hall, (Theosophist) Alice Bailey, (Psychologists) Carl Jung and James Hillman are of special appeal) psychology, human behavior, quantum physics, ancient history, Hermetic and other philosophy, astrology, Tarot cards, numerology, development of psychic abilities, psychometry, Reiki, natural healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, crystals, clairaudience, meditation, runes, chakras, clairsentience, auras, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, clairvoyance, metaphysics in general, dream interpretation, New Age religion / philosophy, palmistry, color, and Kabala / Kabbalah are all continuing passions, interests, and subjects of study.

Ask Psychic Sophie about relationships, love, family, career advice, soul direction, money, work, business, clarity, spirit-spiritual counsel, and more.

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The photo of me was taken in 2001 or thereabouts. I am not a big fan of having my photo taken; never have been, so I am unlikely to have another one taken any time soon. Since this isn’t a dating site, it’ll just have to be accepted that I’m an older version now :)

Frequently Misspelled Words:

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Legitimate Psychic is commonly misspelled as: Legit psychic, legitamite psychic, legitimit psychic, legitimite psychic

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Tarot is commonly misspelled as: Taro, Tarro, Tarrot, Traot, Tarots, Terro